The color scheme of the NIKE AIR FORCE 1’07 Double Air White Fluorescent Yellow shoe is extremely simple. There is a fluorescent yellow line on the back of the shoe and above the sole with the word" Air "on it. The advantage of this sneaker is that there is a label attached to the tongue on the shoelace. You can see Nike again on the top and back of the shoe.Vans Vans small head milk white milk white ice cream is popular in the summer of 2020, and the white and white ice cream is coming.
Nike Air Max 90 Essential retro air cushion versatile casual sports jogging shoes, new upgraded last type with EVA high elastic midsole properly embedded, heel air cushion cushioning, excellent sense of foot details and perfect cleanliness.Vans Style 36 Milky white ice cream can be said to be the top. The retro and simple creamy tone is easy to think of delicious ice cream.
Nike Air Max 270 new original last developed version correct helium rebound air cushion outsole, stylish and meaningful Hong Kong swimming representative athlete Ou Kaichun limited, Nike Air Max 270 Stephanie Au series heel half palm high elastic air cushion Take the jogging shoes "white glitter silver bright hook".The upper foot is simple but unique, and the color is perfectly adapted to various wears. The color of the entered treasure.