CNC turret lathe
Fu Sheng Jin CNC turret lathe is a lathe with a rotating turret.
Turret can be rotated, most of the past is hexagonal, so turret lathe used to call hexagonal lathe.
CNC turret lathe is usually used for cutting, drilling and rehashing of the bar in the clamping head device or the chuck.
After adopting the additional device, thread processing and copying machining can be done. CNC turret lathe is suitable for batch production.
Fu Sheng Jin CNC turret layout design is reasonable. It is more accurate to use high precision screw and guide rail, which integrates the function of lathe milling machine and grinding drill.
Product Name :CNC Lathe Machine
Product Item :JW-35XJW-45X
Machine Data
Barrel-type Chuck35 mm45 mm
Max. Swing over Bed :Ø 460 mmØ 460 mm
Swing over Cross Slide :Ø 220 mmØ 220 mm
Max. Turning Diameter:Ø 200 mmØ 200 mm
Max. Turning Length:200 mm200 mm
Max Spindle Speed :4000/5000 RPM4000/5000 RPM
Spindle Bore :Ø 35 mmØ 45 mm
number of spindle speed rangesInfiniteInfinite
Spring collet shank42 mm54 mm
Rapid Speed of X-Axis :18/24 M /min18/24 M /min
Rapid Speed of Z-Axis :18/24 M /min18/24 M /min
Travel of X-Axis :350 mm350 mm
Travel of Z-Axis :250 mm250 mm
Drive Capacity
Main Motor :4KW(5.5/7.5servo)4KW(5.5/7.5servo)
Feed motor1.5KW1.5KW
Power Capacity10KW10KW
Lathe size:1900 X 1400 X 1700 mm1900 X 1400 X 1700 mm
Gross Weight :2200KGS2200KGS
● The two kinds systems of CNC turret lathe
CNC turret lathe tool holder is an important part of CNC turret lathe.
Tool holder is used to hold cutting tools, so its structure directly influences the cutting performance and cutting efficiency of CNC turret lathe.
To a certain extent, the structure and performance of tool holder reflect the design and manufacturing technology level of CNC turret lathe. With the development of CNC turret lathe, tool structure is being renovated.
Tool holder is the execution part of the cutting process directly. Therefore, the tool holder must have good strength and rigidity in structure to withstand the cutting resistance during rough machining.
Due to processing precision depends on the tip position, so the require CNC turret lathe to choose reliable positioning scheme and reasonable positioning structure, to ensure a high repeat positioning accuracy. In addition, the design of tool holder should meet the requirements of short time, compact structure and safety and reliability.
CNC turret lathe tool holder system mainly includes rotary tool holder and automatic tool changer with turret.
1.Rotary tool holder
Rotary tool holder is the most popular tool holder for CNC turret lathe to change tool, done by the rotation of the tool post graduated positioning CNC turret lathe automatic tool change action. It can be designed as a square tool holder, a hexagonal tool holder or a disc type axial loading tool holder. Four, six or more tools are installed on the turntable, and the tool is changed according to the instructions of the numerical control device. The rotary tool holder according to head back to the bottom of spindle and installation of the relative position divided into two types: horizontal and vertical tool holder.
2.Automatic tool change system with turret
The tools installed by the rotary tool holder are not likely to be too many, and even with two tool holders, there are limits to the number of tools.
When a large number of tools are needed for some reason, automatic tool changer with turret should be adopted.
The automatic tool changer system with turret is made up of The turret and The machine tool changer.
● Preventive maintenance of CNC turret lathe
The purpose of preventive maintenance of CNC turret lathe is to reduce the failure rate, and its work mainly includes the following aspects.
For each CNC turret lathe, sign special operators, technicians and maintenance personnel, all personnel must constantly strive to improve their business technical level.
2.Build rules by inputting
For each CNC turret lathe specific performance and processing object to make the operating rules, the establishment of work and maintenance files, the manager should check, summarize and improve frequently.
3.Daily maintenance
For each CNC turret lathe should establish daily maintenance plan, including maintenance content (such as axis driving system of lubrication and wear, such as spindle lubrication, oil, moisture, the temperature control, balance system, cooling system, elastic belt, relay, contactor, contactor clean, whether the plug, terminal is loose, electric cabinet ventilation, etc.) and the features and elements of the maintenance cycle (daily, monthly, half a year, or not) on a regular basis.
4.Improve the utilization rate of CNC turret lathe.
If CNC turret lathe standing idle a long time, the movement parts of machine due to oil solidification, dust and even rust will affect the static and dynamic transmission performance, reduce the accuracy of machine tools, oil system jam when use again.
In electrical ways, due to a CNC turret lathe of the whole electric control system hardware is composed of tens of thousands of electronic components, their performance and life span has a large discreteness. From a macro view in three stages:
1)within a year basically in the so-called "break-in" stage.
At this stage, the failure rate of the machine is decreasing, and if the machine tool is continuously operating during this period, it will finish the "grinding" task quickly, and it can also make full use of the one-year maintenance period.
2)The second stage is the effective life stage, which is the stage of full play.
Under the conditions of reasonable use and good daily maintenance, the machine can operate normally at least five years.
3)The third stage is the aging stage of the system life, the electrical hardware failure will gradually increase, the life expectancy of the CNC system is about 8 ~ 10 years.
Therefore, in the absence of processing tasks for a period of time, it is better to operate the machine at a lower speed, at least the power for the CNC system, or even daily.CNC Flat Bed Lathe factory