Fire fighting ventilation fan are designed and manufactured with excellent performance on the basis of fully absorbing the world's advanced fan technology. The fan can be used for fire ventilation. This series of fans are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, automobile painting, high-grade hotels, office buildings, shadow brush hospital, shopping malls, hospitals and other buildings ventilation, air purification, as well as environmental dust removal and central air-conditioning equipment supporting. It is suitable for the circulation of high temperature gas in baking oven and drying oven under the temperature of no more than 300℃.
Product performance
PerformanceAir flow range2065~141895m³/h
Pressure range360~3810Pa
Product superiority
Fire fighting ventilation fan  are divided into single suction type and double suction type structure. The impeller adopts advanced reclining blade, which is welded by steel plate. The housing is welded with steel plate and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying. This series of fans are characterized by wide efficient area, compact structure, low noise, convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, etc.

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1. The fan and its system shall not operate with diseases.
2. The fan shall be kept and used by special person.
3. Tools and other supplies should be counted before and after fan maintenance to prevent them from being left inside the fan and pipelines.
4. Except that the lubricant shall be replaced after each overhaul, the lubricant shall be replaced according to the actual situation under normal circumstances.
5. Check the dust, dirt and other impurities inside the fan and gas conveying pipe regularly to prevent corrosion. After general use 1000 hours, should check, a year overhaul.Ventilation Centrifugal Fan suppliers