Stainless steel Ti gold plate
Stainless steel rose gold plate are one of the products developed in stainless steel. It naturally has a strong anti-corrosion component. For example, "chromium" plays an important role in the corrosion of stainless steel. It is naturally an element in stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. Acid resistant effect. Experiments have shown that this is achievable if you want stainless steel to be permanently rust-proof.
Stainless steel ti gold plate is a stainless steel decorative plate, which is mainly coated with a layer of gold on the surface of stainless steel by chemical treatment. Ti gold is a very common color, it can give the whole room a special feeling, making the whole room look very noble and generous, and can highlight the owner's extraordinary temperament. If used at the hotel, it can set off the hotel's elegant and elegant environment, and will surely allow guests to enjoy the top VIP treatment. This will give you a better feeling and is very comfortable.Customized Colored Stainless Steel