The hopper mixer has many characteristics of three-dimensional mixer. The principle of hopper mixer is as follows: one is to use hopper rotation to make the material turn up and down, enlarge and reduce, to achieve the uniform mixing effect, that is, convection and diffusion. Another one is to use the angle of 30 °between the reverse axis of the hopper (the square column of the hopper is transected through the center line of the midpoint of the opposite side) and the axis of rotation (left and right arm axis), the material can move tangentially along the wall of the hopper when rotating, so that the effect of shearing and mixing can be achieved. Make the mixing more powerful. The superposition of the two mixing effects makes each particle track complex and different, and changes its position at any time, and achieves a high mixing effect.

●   Loading coefficient is 50-80%.
●   The mixing time is usually set within the 20min, because it has to change in the opposite direction when it reaches the better mixing state. That is to say, segregation (or anti-mixing) occurs while mixing and segregation "one positive and one negative" go on at the same time. When the two are in equilibrium, the longer mixing time has no significant effect on the increase of mixing uniformity.
●   The spindle speed of the hopper mixer is set below 80% of the critical speed in order to prevent the centrifugal field in the hopper from becoming too large and to slow down the relative velocity of the material in the mixing process.
●   The rotation axis of the hopper (the square column of the hopper is transected through the center line of the midpoint of the opposite side) and the axis of rotation (left and right arm axis) form a 30 °angle in order to enhance the effect of shearing and mixing of materials in the hopper during the rotary process.
●   The mixing effect is also related to the particle size range, particle size distribution, interparticle adhesion, fluidity rest angle, moisture content of material, material difference, material wear resistance and so on.
●   In many mixer equipment, PLC control machine is rare, while the hopper mixer of VAPORUN adopts PLC control. the menu contains the operation procedure of common production process requirements, and the process parameters such as time and speed can also be set according to the process requirements to complete the mixing process.
●   Because the hopper mixer adopts PLC control, its working procedure display, adjust, monitor, warn and so on make the machine achieve intelligent control.
●   The sensitive sensing technology of hopper mixer can effectively ensure the operation of hopper alignment, hoisting stop, stop braking, hopper stop and turn. At the same time, the lifting mechanism adopts double wire rod hoisting structure and relies on electric rotation. The mechanical self-locking structure of traditional wire rod can effectively ensure locking. In addition, the main rotating shaft adopts flexible shaft coupling, that is, reliable, convenient, concise, but also can make the rotation of the body more flexible, no stagnation phenomenon.
●   The sensor control system of hopper mixer is equipped with infrared safe isolating device, working instruction, safety indication and emergency stop key to ensure production safety.
●   A hopper mixer can be equipped with a variety of specifications, different volumes of the mixing hopper, can meet the requirements of large quantities, many varieties of mixing.
●   Because the inner structure of the square cone hopper is simple, it can be easily polished and processed, the refined hopper can reach the structure without blind area directly contact with the material, the discharge material has no residue and the cleaning and disinfection (sterilizing) is convenient.
●   Hopper Mixer is convenient to use with material conveying equipment to form a perfect technological process. Also because the hopper can achieve closed mixing and conveying, so the dust-free production of feasible mixing equipment and total mixing equipment.
●   The external shape of the square cone hopper is convenient for stacking and does not need to be similar to other mixing equipment, which need more than one powder container, which reduces the area between the storage barrel and the cleaning and sterilizing barrel body, and also reduces the labor intensity.

Equipment Advancement
●   The lifting system adopts the motor-decelerator-wire rod hoisting locking system and has double pressure sensing interlocking device to ensure the safety of mixture clamping and mixing.
●   In the lifting drive system, torque limiter is installed. When the lifting process exceeds the design torque, the torque limiter acts and the safety of the lifting system is protected.
●   The bucket cover confirmation device is installed to prevent the possibility of inadvertent dumping into the material.
●   Equipped with deceleration, automatic alignment and sensitive and reliable braking system to ensure parking safety.
●   The sensor control system also has the working instruction, the safety prompt, the self-check stop, the acousto-optic alarm and several emergency stop buttons to ensure the production safety.
●   Set up safety area, infrared safety device to ensure the safety of production and staff.
●   The automatic hoisting hopper mixer adopts the double column long base structure, the rotary body has good stress condition, the bearing area of the base is large, the ground (floor) load is uniform, and there is no special requirement for the foundation; The structure of the long base can make the gravity center of the mixture bucket always in the base when it is rotating, and the whole machine is very stable in operation.
●   The double columns are equipped with lifting power and rotary power respectively, the structure is simple, the space is large, and the maintenance is very convenient. The lifting system adopts the motor-deceleration box-wire rod system, which ensures the clamping safety and is more safe and reliable than the oil cylinder hoisting or the cylinder hoisting. The rotary power adopts the integrated design of motor, reducer and brake, and has no transmission device and chain, which has few transmission parts, simple maintenance and small volume.
●   This machine has a strict and perfect sensor control system, which can ensure the smooth and accurate automatic operation process such as hopper drop, lifting clamping, automatic deceleration and braking, parking and so on.
The hopper mixer widely used as the mixing machine for solid medicine powder in pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The mixing uniformity is high, the material vessel is movable,which are very convenient for material loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning. It's easy to integrate with the upstream and downstream process, and the problem of cross pollution and fly-dust caused by multi-material-transferring are solved. Various material vessels might be equipped with this machine, so as to meet the mixing requirement of large batch capacity and multi-varities.
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