1. sanitation garbage plastic molding, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance;
2. The integral plastic structure of sanitation garbage truck is tough, durable and can withstand various external impacts;
3. ring, guard garbage truck box thickening reinforcement, can be used with mechanical lifting devices or sanitation vehicles;
4. The bottom of the sanitation garbage truck is particularly strengthened, and it is not easy to collapse, deform and wear, and prolong the service life of the product;
5. Close-fitting of the lids of sanitation garbage trucks can prevent odor emission, rain intrusion, breeding of mosquitoes and flies;
6. The barrels of sanitation garbage trucks can be nested with each other to facilitate transportation and save storage and transportation space and expenses;
7. The interior and exterior surfaces of the sanitation garbage truck are smooth and clean, which is convenient for emptying garbage and cleaning;
8. sanitation garbage truck design is ergonomic, lightweight and durable, mobile and flexible;
9. The color of sanitation garbage trucks can be customized, varied, and suitable for different environments and garbage collection.
Product nameDump tipperOptions
Load Capacity5 tons1~80 tons
Overall dimention5830x2050x2300(mm)
Load box body3500*1880*800(mm)
Material of load bodyHigh strength carbon steelStainless steel
Thickness3mm side wall and 4mm deck board
Lifting method of tipper boxHydraulic middle double lifted
EngineChaochai 95hp
Fuel typeDiesel
Emission standardEuro III
BrakeAir brake
Tire specification7.00-16
Max speed90km/h
BrandDongfengSinotruk, Foton, Shaanxi, etc
Wheel drive4x2, LHDRHD
Driving cabSingle rowSingle row with a sleeper
Wheel base3300mm
EngineCY4100, 95hp turbocharged diesel engine
Emission standardEuro 3Euro 4/5
Axle & wheel2 axle, 6 wheels, one spare tire
Tire specification7.00-1611.00-20
Protect board upon cabOptionFire monitor, range>40m
Reflective logoSet
Front bumperSet
Rear protect fenceSetGarbage Tipple Truck suppliers