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Making sure that your home is properly insulated is an important step to ensure that your home remains comfortable year round and avoids wasting energy. Understanding the most common signs that your property is under-insulated can determine the best steps to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home or office building.

Do you see drafts in particular rooms all through your home?

Carefully walk through each room in your house during both the cool and warm months of the year. If you come across noticeable drafts in certain rooms, it’s usually a sign that your property is under-insulated. Drafts generally happen when your home was not sealed during construction or the insulation in your walls has worn very thin.

Are you experiencing an increase in your energy bills?

One of the biggest indictors for a home that is not properly insulated is your energy bills seem way out of whack. Your home needs more energy to maintain consistent and steady temperatures when it is not properly insulated. If you have a room that is not insulated in your home, you can try closing off the vent and securing the location to see how much your energy bills are effected. You should take steps to repair and fix cracks in windows and should seal up probable openings that permit air to get into your home. Also, talk to your neighbors about what they are spending on their energy bills.

Do you see frozen pipes?

If a home is not properly insulated Vontae Davis Bills Jersey , it can cause expensive damage such as frozen pipes. If you are in Connecticut, you know we deal with various season and in the winter temperatures can get below freezing. In this case, it is highly recommended to get help from a spray foam insulation company CT. The reason that frozen pipes are highly common in New England and you need insulation around the pipes in certain areas. If a pipe gets frozen, it could burst Adolphus Washington Bills Jersey , thereby causing extra damage to your home while forcing you to replace the damage that could be very expensive.

Experts recommend that to keep your pipes from freezing, you should run hot or warm water to frequently from all the drains on your property during the days with cold climate. After a burst in pipes and carrying out the repairs, it’s better to make sure that your pipes and walls are properly insulated with the help of a spray foam insulation contractor CT. It will prevent potential issues in the future.

The other signs include cold walls, floors and ceilings Taron Johnson Bills Jersey , and rooms with fluctuating temperatures. If you experience these signs, get help from insulation contractors CT to keep your property safe.
Since the beginning of 1990s, most of the cities belonging to both European and American countries have started replacing of incandescent types of traffic lights with few of the highly energy efficient and solid-state lighting systems or LED lights. This is because; with the passage of time, LED lights have undergone drastic improvements to become one among the powerful light sources to use as traffic light controller systems.

Because of the consistent advancement in the LED lighting technology and attempt of people to go green with LED lights Harrison Phillips Bills Jersey , most of the street light projects going on now in both Europe and America choose for powerful LED sources. In other words, LED products have occupied the market of various mercury vapor-based light sources and high pressure of sodium lamps in gradual way.

Why LED is Used Popularly

Until now, about 80 percent of the traffic control projects have preferred for LED powered lights because of some strong reasons, which include the following-

Huge Energy Efficiency

Today John Miller Bills Jersey , efficiency and power of LED lights exceed 100luminous per watt. In majority of street light products, power efficiency of light emitting diode ranges between 65lm per watt and 80 lm per watt. Even the efficiency is very much high as compared to any other mercury vapor type of lamp that comes with 30lm per watt.

Offers an Eco-friendly Solution

LED powered lighting systems provide eco-friendly solutions to users, as they are available as solid-state lighting sources.

Allows for Low Power Consumption

Most of the LED light sources used mainly as traffic signal controller systems are able to save usage of energy by more than 52 percent than any other traditional lamps comprised of mercury vapors, while 26 percent higher as compared to sodium lamps.

Possess Higher Lux for a Single Watt

Lights powered by light emitting diodes come with almost 2 times of higher Lux for a single wattage as compared to any mercury vapor form of street light. Experts have skewed the equivalent measurement for various high-pressure of sodium lamps by the help of hot spots Shaq Lawson Bills Jersey , which bump up the rate of Lux but result in undesirable safety, visibility and wide range of glare problems.

Possess Relatively Long Lifetime

LED powered light sources and traffic-controlling systems come with relatively higher lifetime equal to 60,000 hours. Therefore, LED lights may possess life expectancy of about 15 years. British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton presents a Mercedes AMG Project One car at the IAA auto show in Frankfurt yesterday. — AFP
EUROPEAN car bosses are beginning to address the realities of mass vehicle electrification Nathan Peterman Bills Jersey , and its consequences for jobs and profit, their minds focused by government pledges to outlaw the combustion engine.

As the latest such announcement on Monday by China added momentum to a push for zero-emission motoring, Daimler, Volkswagen and PSA Group gave details about their electric programs that could give policy-makers some pause.

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