Gravity Mobile Spy Is A Cell Phone Spy Software That Can Spy On Most Mobile Phones

They offer call tracking Authentic Steve Cishek Jersey , SMS (text message) tracking, phone book access, and location tracking via the mobile phone’s built in GPS. After the software is installed properly, you will be able to view the data from any computer that has internet access. This is by far best product on the market and it is great for the price of only $69.99.

When I Used Gravity Mobile Spy I Found That The Installation Of The Cell Phone Spy Software Was Not Too Difficult

Even though the installation of the cell phone spy software was not that difficult Authentic Colby Rasmus Jersey , you had to follow the instructions to the letter. When Gravity Mobile Spy is installed in someone’s phone, it keeps you up to date with all of the call tracks so you can know about all the calls made or received on the mobile phone. Gravity Mobile Spy gives you all the details of the call log like time of the call, phone number to whom call was made or who it was received from, duration of the call and date of the call. If you would like Authentic Brad Boxberger Jersey , you can also hear the conversation at that time when the call is in process on your own phone. I personally felt that the cell phone spy software was not catching all of the phone calls and e-mails, but it caught enough for me to feel like it was worth the $69.99.

One of the benefits of the software is that you can read all the text messages of the person whose mobile phone is bugged. Even if that person deletes the text message off of the phone, you can still read the message online. You get information about the time of message, date and to whom or from whom that text message came. In the same manner Authentic Steven Souza Jersey , every E-Mail of that person sent or received on mobile can be read by you. The same goes for text messages as I said about the phone calls and e-mails, I don’t think the cell phone spy software was catching everything.

You Can Track Someone With The Cell Phone Spy Software On The Gravity Mobile Spy Website

Gravity Mobile Spy sends you the information of the location of the person by using the GPS feature of the mobile phone. I can see this as being a great feature if you are spying on your teenagers. We all remember when we were young going to one place when our parents thought we were some place else. Unfortunately, times have changed and things are a lot more dangerous. Plus, nowadays the cops want to charge our kids for every little thing; practical jokes that took place when we were kids are now considered sex crimes. But I digress Authentic Trevor Plouffe Jersey , back to the cell phone spy software.

You can get all the details and numbers from the contact list of the phone that has Gravity Mobile Spy installed. If the person uses internet to browse any web site, then you can get all the information about the URLs that were visited on the mobile phone. The cell phone spy software also catches any picture taken by phone or downloaded from the internet and is also uploaded on the account of Gravity Mobile Spy.

All in all, Gravity Mobile Spy is a cell phone spy software that is absolutely worth the $69.99.

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