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An overcoat or lamination laye

Republicans Donald Trump and Chris Christie teamed up on Monday to assail Democratic President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as weak on domestic security Cheap Cardinals Jersey , making the kind of one-two punch possible if Trump picks Christie as his running mate.
  Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump delivers a speech in Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S. July 11, 2016.
At a rally in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Trump Cardinals Markus Golden Jersey , the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and Christie, the tough-talking New Jersey governor, seized on the Dallas police shootings as examples of why Americans need a "law and order" candidate like Trump.

Much of the debate about security in the presidential campaign has been about threats abroad. The shooting deaths of five Dallas police officers last week and violence in other cities have shifted the debate back home for now.

Trump, a wealthy real estate developer Cardinals D.J. Humphries Jersey , presented himself as "the law and order candidate" and called Clinton weak. He said she has grown out of touch with the plight of ordinary Americans and cited her making paid speeches to corporate interests as a cause.

"Perhaps it is easy for politicians to lose touch with reality when they are being paid millions of dollars to read speeches to Wall Street executives, instead of spending time with real people in real pain," he said.

"The disconnect in America is deep. There are two Americas: the ruling class, and the groups it favors, and then everyone else Cardinals T. J. Logan Jersey ," said Trump.

In the final days of his search for a vice presidential running mate, Trump was introduced at the event by Christie, who is one of Trump's top potential picks to be his vice presidential running mate.

Christie, a former rival of Trump for the presidential nomination, showed himself capable of assuming the role of political attack dog Cardinals Chad Williams Jersey , a job the vice presidential nominee usually assumes. He suggested Obama has taken sides against police in the country's debate over race and police brutality.

"We need a president who once again will put law and order at the top of the priority of the presidency of this country," Christie said. "Our police officers ... need to understand that the president of the United States and his administration will give them the benefit of the doubt, not always believe that what they have done is somehow wrong."
  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) delivers remarks before presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (not pictured) speaks in Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S. July 11, 2016.
Trump has been test-driving his vice presidential possibilities. He campaigned last week with former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich Cardinals Budda Baker Jersey , and is to appear with a third No. 2 possibility, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, in Indiana on Tuesday.

The New York businessman has appeared most comfortable publicly with Gingrich. Both Gingrich and Christie have been advisers for Trump behind the scenes.

Trump is also considering retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn for the job, but told The Washington Post in an interview published on Monday that he is leaning toward a conventional politician.

"I don’t need two anti-establishment people," Trump said. "Someone respected by the establishment and liked by the establishment would be good for unification. I do like unification of the Republican Party."

Trump said he would decide on his vice presidential pick in the next three or four days. The Republican National Convention Cardinals Haason Reddick Jersey , at which he is to be nominated as the party's candidate, opens in Cleveland next Monday.

Anatomy of an Id Card

Author: Valerie Douard

A finished ID card is built up from:

A blank card

The printed image

An overcoat or lamination layer.

The printed image is created with the dye film ribbon. For color printing, inside a dye-sublimation printer is a roll of transparent ribbon with a repeating series of Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C) Cardinals Christian Kirk Jersey , Black (K), and Clear (O) panels. The YMC panels contain thermally sensitive dyes; by combining varying amounts of these dyes, any color in the spectrum can be created, from white (no dye transferred) to Black (full transfer of each of the three dyes).

The Black and Clear panels are also used in this thermal printing process, but they operate in a different way called 芒鈧揗ass transfer芒鈧?in which all of the material (In this case a plastic resin rather than a dye) is transferred once the carrier ribbon reaches the required transfer temperature. The black resin is used to apply dense black text and barcodes on top of the YMC color image Cardinals Josh Rosen Jersey , and the clear panel is used to put a protective overcoat over the entire printed image.

For extra protection, sometimes a lamination layer is added onto the card after printing. This is normally a 0.6 mil or 1 mil thick layer, which protects the card from scratching. Lamination is usually only required for high-wear usage such as cards that are swiped daily through access control readers.

Visit the Ultra Magicard website to find out more about ID cards, the different printers available, and the applications they are used in.

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I work as a global marketing and communications manager for Ultra Electronics Manufacturing card systems. I'm French and have now been living in the UK for 10 years. I graduated in business communications from the University of Rennes in France and post-graduated in International Public Relations at the University of Hertforshire Cardinals Carson Palmer Jersey , UK. I very much enjoy the creative side of my job, and most of all, the writing bit.

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