Information about Battery Discharger

The BDX battery dischargeranalyzers have been designed to test the efficiency of batteries of any type Authentic Kyle Williams Jersey , voltage and capacity.

These instruments perform a controlled discharge of the battery, while the current is kept constant by a high frequency DCDC converter, based on MOSFET technology for smaller units and IGBT technology for bigger units.

The operation of the BDX is completely automatic: it's sufficient to connect the battery, to set the stop voltage, the maximum time and the discharge current. All the test is made automatically Authentic LeSean McCoy Jersey , while the digital display shows the partial results of battery discharger.


1. Make sure the PC is NOT connected to the battery discharger BDX serial port;

2. Connect the battery to be tested;

3. Turn on the battery discharger BDX, by moving the general switch 0-1 to position “1”;

4. The display will show the BATTERY VOLTAGE for 3 seconds, then it will show the proposed STOP VOLTAGE, with the flashing letter “U”;

5. If needed, adjust the STOP VOLTAGE with the buttons + and - Authentic Tremaine Edmunds Jersey , and press the button SET to proceed;

6. The display will show the MAXIMUM TIME ALLOWED FOR TEST, with the flashing letter“h”;

7. If needed, adjust the MAXIMUM TIME ALLOWED FOR TEST with the buttons + and -, and press the button SET to proceed;

8. The battery discharger BDX is now ready to start the test. The display will show the message “rdy”.

9. Press both buttons + and – TOGETHER to start the test.

• If the potentiometer 0-100% is in position ZERO, the battery discharger BDX will start the test and the display will show the discharge current in AMPS. At this point Authentic Josh Allen Jersey , use the two potentiometers 0-100% and +-5% to adjust the discharge current to the desired value.

• If the potentiometer 0-100% is not in position ZERO (all left), the battery discharger BDX will not start and the display will show the message “POT”. It's necessary to rotate the potentiometer 0- 100% left to the position ZERO, then the battery discharger BDX will start.

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