A SHENZHEN resident who has received over 1 Devin Funchess Panthers Jersey ,000 harassing calls per day since Sept. 8 said he might sue the telecom operator if the problem continues, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Tuesday.

The resident, surnamed Chen Shaq Thompson Panthers Jersey , has called the police and complained to the telecom operator after he got anonymous harassing calls for nearly two weeks. He said the problem hasn’t been solved because the caller is unidentifiable and all his call blocking apps couldn’t stop the calls.

Unlike some other victims who were asked by callers to pay in order to stop the harassing calls, Chen didn’t get any blackmailing messages from the caller. Chen said he didn’t owe any debt or have any unsettled personal conflicts with others.

A customer service agent of the telecom operator called Chen on Saturday, saying that they still need some time to fix the problem. Chen said he would press charges against the operator if the problem remained unsolved.

Whoever called Chen may have used a kind of software that could call a specific phone at certain times a day through the Internet James Bradberry Panthers Jersey , according to the report. Even though such action is illegal, it’s hard for police to trace callers who use the Internet to make phone calls.

The telecom operator said as the caller is unidentifiable and the operator cannot limit Internet calls with current technical conditions, the only possible solution for Chen is to install professional call blocking apps on his phone.

A notice issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in June requires telecom operators to crack down on harassing calls Taylor Moton Panthers Jersey , blocking calls from anonymous sources and from callers who use dead numbers or false numbers.

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