6inch 150x6x22mm
Product Brand: CANPAS
Size: 6inch 150x6x22.22mm
Certificate: MPA, EN12413
Colour: BLACK
Type: T27 Depressed Center
Appliacation: Stainless Steel, metal, iron,Steel
Max speed: 80M/S
Grit: 24#
Samples: Within 3 days
Used for all different kinds of metal
Package details
Outter package: Export standard quality carton
Inner package: Corrugated paper box
Package quantity: 100pcs/carton
Gross weight: 25kg/ carton
Net weight: 24kg/ carton
Carton size: 32x32x18cm (Length X Width X Height)
Product Advantage and Fertures
1. This 6inch abrasive grinding wheel is used for metal, steel,stainless steel polishing purpose, has advantage for grinding hard materials, hard metal, alloy steel, stainless steel, KS steel, solid rod, square steel, steel pipe. Actual disc thickness is 6mm, this abrasive grinding wheel is in good A quality,made of first-class aluminum oxide abrasives, first-class chemical resin, high-strength reinforcement fabric. The 6inch abrasive grinding wheel is a good tool for edge polishing, flat surface polish, welding machine polish, angle polish, metal bur smoothing and other polish purpose. The maximum working speed of wheel is 80 Meter per Second, i.e. 10185 Round per Minute(R.P.M.)
2. Good quality in good grinding ratio, polishing more fast.This abrasive grinding wheel is fast and sharp in polishing, it means per minute time the wheel remove more metal weight than other equivalent abrasive grinding wheels, the worker like this CANPAS abrasive grinding wheel because they save workers’ body strength in polishing work. Therefore the worker have higher working efficiency per day and save a lot of work time.
3. The BLACK color 6inch D.C. abrasive grinding wheel is one hot sell item among all sizes of abrasive grinding wheels, especially widely used in Europe,North America,South America, Middle East, Africa, and also Asia countries, including China, Japan, South Korea,India, Indonesia,Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia,Phillippines,Singapore, and other area.
4. It is widely used in stainless steel industry, such as stainless steel plate, food houseware stainless steel products, stainless steel window, stainless steel door, stainless steel film, etc.
5. Structure image of a abrasive grinding wheel:
6. How to store the abrasive grinding wheel?
The abrasive grinding wheel should be stored in right way. Keep the boxes in dry area with a wood pallet or plastic pallet under warehouse floor, DO NOT pile the boxes above 1 meter height. Keep the boxes in air-flew place and Do not make the place wet, otherwise wet condition will destroy the paper boxes and decrease the lifetime of abrasive grinding wheel.
7. Instruction for abrasive grinding wheel User:
7.1 Must read the instruction before use the abrasive grinding wheel.
7.2 Firstly open package and check abrasive grinding wheel, check whether the wheel has crack line or is broken, if wheel has such circumstance, the abrasive grinding wheel is NOT allowed to be used.
7.3. The Grinder/ grinding machine be equipped with safety cover as protection.
7.4. Assemble/Mount the wheel onto grinder/grinding machine correctly.
7.5. In working, user can not exceed the maximum working speed which marked on the wheel label, such as 80M/S, or 10180 R.P.M .
Use the edge of disc to polish metal surface gradually.
7.6. When start working, user should stabely hold the grinder machine and press onto steel material with gradual strength, do NOT press machine in suddenly strong power, otherwise will force the wheel to break.
Company Introduction
CANPAS (HENAN) GROUP CO.,LTD is as professional company who is dedicated to the research&design, manufacturing and sales of abrasive cutting wheels, abrasive grinding wheels with 20years experience. CANPAS products have been supplied to different countries and area, such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia, America, Africa,Europe, and other overseas markets.
CANPAS have strictly control in product quality. From the first step selection of abrasives raw materials, related chemical materials, production online inspection and quality control, even package box quality, warehouse store condition control. We gurantee CANPAS goods which delivered to buyer be in good quality.And establish long time business relationship with our customers.
Company Advantages
Advantage One: 24hours sales service.
CANPAS team serve customers in 24 hours, we quickly reply to customers online enquiry or question , patiently explain to any question customer ask. To customers’ different requirment about abrasives, we supply the right products and also correct cut off or grinding solution.
Advantage Two: Quality Advantage
1. During the production, our QC /QA team observe the manufacturing to gurantee the quality.
2. After the production completed,QC inspect and test each batch of products, only inspection -passed products are allowed into warehouse.
3. CANPAS allow buyer to send inpection person or third party to check quality before delivery .
Advantage Three: Delivery time
Normal delivery time is 10 day to 30 day.
CANPAS supply capacity is 15 to 20 full container per month.
4inch cut off wheel,14inch cut off wheel ,4inch DC wheel is in bulk quantity.
Advantage Four: Design ability and service
Design a new package
Design a new product and new quality according to customer’s requested standard
Advantage Five: Transport ability
We transport goods to any sea port in China within 4 days. Such as Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.
We transport goods to any country in the world.
Advantage Six: Customer reception
CANPAS welcome worldwide customer to visit our company in China, we supply language translation, hotel booking, train ticket and air ticket booking, factory visting,product quality testing and analysis.low price Black Depressed Center Grinding Wheel