Side Self-adhesive Labeling Machine
SL-251 is suitable for side labeling, especially on the cylindrical, flat, square, rectangular and elliptical bottles you can reference following pic 1and 2. The machine is economical and easy to operate. The performance is stable with a level off. The system easy changeover based the requirement.
Key Features:
l Labeling speed up to 180 BPM ( according to the length of label )
l PLC Control System which is easy to control
l Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls
l On-Screen trouble description which is easy to solve
l Stainless Frame
l Open Frame design, easy to adjust and change the label
l Variable Speed with stepless motor
l Label Count Down (for precise run of set number of labels) to Auto Shut Off
l Stamping Coding Device attached

l Labeling Speed:  50-180 bottles/minutes (according to the specification, shape of
bottle and length of label)
l Bottles size :     customized based on the requirements
l Label  size:      customized based on the requirements
l Dimensions:    2400mm×1350mm×1500 mm  ( Length × Width × Height )
l Weight:          500kg

l Electrical Requirements:
        —  Power:500W, Voltage: 220V, Frequency: 50-60HZ(Optional)
l Working direction: Left → Right (or Right → Left)

Industry Type(s)
l Cosmetic /personal care
l Household chemical
l Food & beverage
l Nutraceuticals
l Pharmaceuticals
Major components of Side Self-adhesive Labeling Machine
Side Labeling Machine
Touch screen (DELTA)DELTA Electronic
Signal connecting wireDeltaDELTA Electronic
ConverterDeltaDELTA Electronic
Bottle inspection sensorAUTONICSAUTONICS Company
Label inspection sensorSUNXSUNX Ltd. Japan
Series motorJSCCJSCC Motor
Motor speed controlJSCCJSCC Motor
Step motorSTEPStep Co.Ltd.
Stainless steel304PUXIANG STEEL
Steel frame
Bao steel in Shanghai
Series  axletreeHa Industry.Customized bottle label machine