Introduction of Air Powered Balancer
The balancer hoists work ideally in high repetition process of lifting and holding objects. The YS air powered balancer features anti-explosive, precise positioning, and smoothness of operating, helping operator to bear the weight, make the objects nearly weightless, and reduce the risk of explosion. For over 20 years they have been proven to be very useful in the harsh environment and meet the demanding conditions.
Parameters of Air Powered Balancer

Air Powered Balancer Features
●High-repetition processes of lightweight objects lifting and floating
●Move and place objects quickly, smoothly and precisely
●Dual and variable speed control
●Large torque, be able to lift with heavy loads.
●The risk of injuries and damages should be avoided
●Custom solutions to meet your actual needs wherever you are using our products for any applications underground or offshore platforms.

YS has continuously made progress on product quality and by doing which we have passed most of the international recognized verification include CE, ISO, ABS, EX, and DNV etc.

With 45 years experience, YS provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for industrial applications. And we have rigorous process to have all our products inspected. Products will not carry our YS signature unless pass through our inspections.

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