May 23, 2019

English Stories from the Chinese Press 11th-14th


Opinions sought on developing waterfront

SHANGHAI’S urban planning authority is soliciting public opinions over the expansion of sidewalks on Suzhou Creek and Huangpu River. The city government aims to create “world-class waterfronts with global influence” that would incorporate creative, pedestrian and eco-friendly atmosphere


Green cars popular in Shanghai, but concerns still exist

Shanghai is one of the leading cities promoting electric vehicles in China, as the local government hopes to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment in order to achieve sustainable development.

Shanghai Electric to build the world's largest concentrated solar power project in Dubai

Chinese manufacturing giant Shanghai Electric signed a contract today to build the world’s largest concentrated solar power project in Dubai, in a move that will see it elbow into the global green energy market.

Nation's energy vision heads to sustainability

China has created an impressive organization — the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization — to bring together national governments, grid operators, academic institutions, development banks, and United Nations agencies to launch the global renewable energy grid.

China, Ukraine discuss renewable energy cooperation

Themed "Chinese investment in the development of Ukraine's energy," the event brought together about 100 high-ranking guests, including representatives of the Ukrainian government, Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, Chinese companies in Ukraine and Ukrainian companies working with their Chinese partners.

A shared green future for China and the Balkans

The first wind turbines from China arrived in Montenegro in March for the Mozura Wind Farm, a project led by the Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holding Co, while talks between Chinese and Romanian partners over the construction of two new reactors at Romania’s Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant are underway.


After all, we are what we eat

Shanghai government spelled out its ambition to turn Chongming into a “world-class eco-island.” According to the plan, Chongming will become a showcase of “green development, culture, intelligence and sustainability” by 2020.

Innovation Changes Economy

Administrators at every level are embracing green development as the country endeavors to achieve a balance between economic and ecological progress. Today, considerable areas of green space can be seen in more and more cities, adding to the draw of these places vying to attract investment from high-end industries.


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