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English Stories from the Chinese Press February 2nd – 8th

 English Stories from the Chinese Press February 2nd – 8th


Air Pollution

$16 billion to be spent on anti-pollution projects in China. Shanghai will spend 100 billion yuan (US$16.13 billion) in the next three years on more than 200 projects in an effort to rid the city of pollution, authorities said yesterday. Shanghai Daily, China. 5 February 2015.

Air pollution is bigger killer in China than smoking, says new Greenpeace study. Air pollution is a bigger killer in mainland China than smoking, says a new study released jointly by Greenpeace and Peking University. South China Morning Post, China. 4 February 2015.

Snog in smog? Gray days may increase one's desire to find a partner, but it may also increase the risk for rejection. Beijing Global Times, China. 2 February 2015.

Beijing's neighbours still have worst smog in China, despite efforts to tackle air pollution. Eight out of ten of the most polluted cities in China were still from the region around Beijing last year, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, despite the area’s joint efforts to tackle smog. South China Morning Post, China. 2 February 2015


Food, Water, and Soil

China eyes sustainable, strong agriculture. China prides itself on feeding more than a fifth of the world's population on only 10 percent of arable land worldwide, despite water scarcity and scattered fertile land. However, this commendable feat now faces grave challenges. Xinhua News Agency, China. 3 February 2015.


Law and Regulation

Chimney phobia transforming a city. Zhuzhou in central China’s Hunan, Province has eliminated 213 polluting factories and closed production lines in cement, steel and chemicals. More than 450 chimneys have been torn down. Xinhua News Agency, China. 2 February 2015



China, others in Asia showing more interest in Arctic region. Earlier this year, a group of Chinese officials and scientists visited the Norwegian city of Tromso for the ninth Arctic Frontiers conference, where matters related to the northern region were discussed. Beijing Caixin, China. 7 February 2015.



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